World Wide Web Evangelisation

There's never been a stronger need for better web-based evangelisation. Together, we can take one more step to establishing a vibrant Catholic presence on the Digital Continent.

An effective web based communications strategy requires a plan. We'll help you come up with one that will best utilise your available resources.

Our experienced web designers here at builds your site how you want it. Your input, combined with our years of working with the Catholic Church results in a site of which we'll both be proud.

Lots of information, and lots of updating. That's a major piece of what makes a diocesan website effective. Two of the best means to make this happen are opening up the site to multiple contributors by implementing User Roles, and by breaking down fear of the unknown through an Onsite Training for your team.

Diocesan Pricing







A great option for rural dioceses or mission dioceses. Typically these dioceses have fewer staff members, and less ministries that require their own pages. These dioceses still receive our same great service, just in a smaller package.

3D Virtual Tour of Cathedral Church Included.

A website of this size will also include at least one subsite (often for the diocesan newspaper). A project in this category is a good fit for dioceses that want to have more flexibility to give many staff members their own pages to keep up to date.

3D Virtual Tour of up to 2 Churches Included.

When it comes to building a site that needs to have multiple subsites, a high volume of pages for a plethora of ministries, and a well thought out structure to make things easy to navigate for visitors, then this is the right package. Generally, a website at this level is suitable for dioceses that are located in large metropolitan areas, and have a significant number of Catholics in their boundaries.

3D Virtual Tour of up to 3 Churches Included.

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Upon the completion of the website, a monthly hosting fee of €25.50 will apply.

Weekly updates and maintenance of your website is included in the initial cost of your website.