A+ Partners

Our goal is to end the epidemic of lost notes inside book bags. By working together, we can create a virtual presence that facilitates better communication for everyone involved.

It's no secret that technology advances rapidly. By letting us be your guide, you can rest assured that you'll help set the curve.

Post permission slips, homework assignments, schedules, and any other document that could get lost in a student's "book bag of doom".

Each teacher/classroom can have their own page to post class updates, pictures of students' latest projects, or videos for students to watch at home.

Many of our schools choose to work with us using one of our pre-determined templates. We provide all of our services, features, hosting, and support, while some local businesses may offset the cost through advertising. Most schools that partner with us by having generous benefactors never pay us a cent! Our goal: provide the best web presence possible, and make it completely affordable.

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